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Ritika Sanasam

Email – dreamglow.haus@gmail.com
Location – Imphal, Manipur, India

I am Ritika Sanasam, and I founded Dreamglow Haus in 2020. I am the creative head of this venture which was crafted out of my love for art. Our mission is to cherish memories of our customers through our products preserving personal memorabilia in timeless resin artworks.

Dreamglow Haus came into existence in 2020 with this vision in mind out of my tiny room in my parents’ place. What started as a creative outlet amidst the pandemic slowly but surely took shape to the venture we have today. Dreamglow Haus products are investments and experiences and not just purchases. Storing away something you love may be enough but why not go the extra mile and make it timeless with us.

Art in any medium has been soothing to me since my childhood and I have come to believe in the vision that – art should be experienced continuously and be part of day-to-day life rather than being captured in a studio escaping only during exhibitions. I prefer the term “accessible art” . I don’t recall how my journey with resin art started , but all I can remember is the utter amount of joy, relief and happiness I felt when I made my first resin art . It was a Whale shaped wall board, our Logo as well as our very first artwork to be put up .

We also preserve wedding bouquets and/or wedding garlands or flowers which have special meaning and are close to the heart encasing them in our Exclusive Resin Lamp. In Manipur, in our tradition, the Kundo Garland is exceptionally special as the bride herself makes the wedding garlands with the freshly plucked flowers in the wee hours of the wedding day. It’s such an overwhelming feeling for me to able to be a tiny part of such a memorable day in their life – encasing their memories forever.

Ritika Sanasam

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