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Courtney Hartley

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Location – Atlanta

Hello, I’m Courtney! Atlanta native. Lover of flowers, dogs, and Mexican food. I create both custom and non-custom floral resin art.

As a kid, I grew up watching my mom save every flower she or I got, hanging them upside-down or carefully pressing them in-between the pages of old, heavy books. Since then, I’ve always cherished flowers and love reflecting on the memories that each one brings.

While I have always been a creator, my story with resin began in the fall of 2019 after getting engaged. I knew I wanted to preserve our wedding flowers but wanted a unique and modern way to do it – insert resin.

Since then, I have fallen in love with creating pieces for others. It brings me so much joy to connect with people and to not only preserve their flowers but preserve a memory. I aim to create something unique and meaningful – something that sparks joy. 

Courtney Hartley

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