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Kotryna Maldutytė

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Since childhood I have always been passionate about nature and its processes as well as visual arts. In 2014, I finished Vilnius Vienožinskio Art School, and later in 2018, I was certified bachelor diploma in set design, at Vilnius Art Academy. During my studies I decided to try digital art, till now working as a graphic designer.

Well to tell shortly “Seekretas” is like my “newborn” project, but to sum up all those years, which led me to this creative opportunity, this “newborn” is more than 10 years old.

In Lithuanian, “Sekretas” is a childhood game. A game that means a secret, something hidden. To me, it’s like a memory that speaks through my mother’s lips, about a ritual from childhood backyards. In those memories – summers between the 70s and 80s. It is an excitement when thoughts and dreams hidden under the shatter of glass, with inexpensive things and yard flowers, are discovered. It is a sense of a magical ritual. The desire to preserve and gift something that is not in control of time.

I use “Seekretas” as my shop name, and it is an eternalized flower fragility to remind you of a pure, childish but sincere memory, of a moment you want to stop… sudden onset of summer, even in mid-January. Would you trust it?

Kotryna Maldutytė

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