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Tammy Hardee

Location – Jackson

The greatest passion about what I do is being able to use my skills to help others. Using modern flower preservation to capture a moment in time or a memory for others brings me complete joy.

I have worked with resin for three years now. I am self-taught and over the three years I have learned many, many lessons on the unpredictability of resin and flowers in resin. I am a full time registered nurse and this past year, with covid, resin work has become my therapy.

I love gardening and growing flowers of all types. Many of which I use in my art along with what I can gather in nearby fields around my home. In addition to resin, I also do pressed flower art and dried flower shadowboxes. A part of my heart and soul goes into each piece I create and my hope is the customer loves it as much as I loved creating for them.

My hope is that I can leave this world someday knowing what I did made a difference for others. But isn’t that what we all hope for?

Tammy Hardee

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