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Francesca (AKA Fran/Franny)

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Hey y’all! A bit about me: Originally from Houston. Two sweet husky pups. No University loyalty because I changed my major 4 times and transferred to 3 schools haha! I could never make up my mind on what I wanted to study or what my “purpose” was. I just love switching things up! I moved to Orlando in 2016 to work for the Mouse as part of their events group and quickly fell in love with the floral arts.

When it was time to come back to Texas, I didn’t want to give up working with flowers. So doing as we all did during quarantine I was on TikTok and came across resin art & floral preservation. I. Was. HOOKED. I always wanted to say that I was an artist. So here I am. An artist, and thriving!


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