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Location – Buckinghamshire / Worcester

Sarah has been working with resin for around 5 years, and she still has to pinch herself when she says that it has, in the last couple of years, become her full time job. She works from a countryside studio space next to a little wood in the Chilterns.

She began her career in resin art when her obsession with the ocean and nature met with a discovery of fluid art, starting with acrylic pouring and finding its way to resin. ​ Her life-long love for flowers led to experimenting with resin casting, and she then found a very special way to preserve flowers inside resin shapes, capturing them most often exactly as they would have been in a bouquet or garden. Her mum, and bestie, also shares her flower obsession, and she helps out at Sarah Ashleigh Designs HQ! Her mum will take in your flower deliveries, and sort and dry them before Sarah casts them.

Visit her website and find her vast colourful portfolio of bespoke preserved flower keepsakes of wedding, memorial and other special flowers, as well as some of her mermaidy, sparkly, ready-to-buy pieces on Etsy! 

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